Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Where is Wakefield Park?
A - Wakefield Park is located close to Goulburn, in New South Wales, Australia.

Q - I don't have a racing car. Can I still enter?
A - Yes. This event is for anyone - including people that are new to the track that have road registered cars, all the way up to seasoned racers.

Q - I live in another country, so how could I possibly attend this?
A - We have had a couple of guys fly to Australia from Japan for this event. They didn't bring their cars, though they were able to ride as passengers and they also scored a drive in a couple of local cars. Treat this as a holiday!

Q - Do I need a race suit?
A - The minimum is for all drivers and passengers to wear wrist-to-neck-to-ankle fire resistant clothing (cotton, not polyester) and a helmet that meets Australian Standard 1698 or higher.

Q - What will the weather be like in Goulburn?
A - The weather can be very variable in Goulburn no natter what time of the year it is. We recommend that you take clothes for hot days and cold nights.

Q - Will the event be run if it rains?
A - The event will proceed in rain, hail, snow or shine.

Q - Are there vehicle noise restrictions at Wakefield Park?
A - Yes. All vehicles must be fitted with a suitable muffler and maximum acceptable noise levels are 85dB flypast measured 30 metres from the track edge on the straight. Wakefield park officials will give non compliant vehicles one opportunity to remedy noncompliant vehicles prior to exclusion from the event. Don't worry about this - we will have a professional mechanic on site to help if needed.

Q - Is E85 fuel available for purchase at the track?
A - No. You will need to purchase E85 fuel before the event and carry it to the track in jerry cans.

Q - Is E85 fuel available in Goulburn?
A - No. The closest E85 retailer is in Sutton - 1542 Federal Highway Service Road, Sutton NSW 2620, which is around 40 minutes away from the track and is close to Canberra.

Q - Do I need to have a CAMS license?
A - No. If you don't have a CAMS or AASA license, you can buy a Wakefield Park license on the day.