About Us

The Wakefield Park Challenge is a non-profit event run by a small group of volunteer car enthusiasts.
Profits go towards sponsorship of overseas entrants, mechanics, support vehicles and more.

The Wakefield Park Challenge is the most recent evolution of a two day meet conceived through the mr2australia.com forums by forum member, "B24".

B24 is well known within the MR2 community for his track driving ( Super TT, Wakefield 300, WTAC), racecar building skills, the architect of the well known Wakefield 300, as well as Vice President of MPAC which made a bid to resurrect the Bathurst 24 hour in 2005.
B24 and an enthusiastic group of people, worked together to mould the event into the event many have grown to love.

Steven Godfrey, Glenn Slender, Sharon Caldwell, Peter Garrad, Mike Bonfield, Aaron Knight and Cait Knight made up the dedicated crew who made this event a success going into 2019.

The MR2 Trackday Challenge was named as such as there has not been a dedicated MR2 event where people could enjoy a cruise of the track under controlled conditions, experience the thrill of a passenger session in one of the dedicated MR2 race cars or street cars, compete in the CAMS Hillclimb, drive the orginal Wakefield Park short circuit, experience the rarely used "Tarmac stage" (created by B24 for MR2 entrants), challenging the full circuit by way of sprint sessions, a hot lap where you are the only one on the track for that bonsai lap and the ever puzzling and defeating "regularity challenge" which is the deal breaker when it comes to who will take out outright honours for the competitive entrants of the two days.

As much as the naming stated "MR2 Trackday Challenge" (MTC for short) it has always been open to all cars wishing to take on these unique challenges and memorable social experiences.
MR2 owners have always been encouraged to "invite a friend" which has resulted in over 30% of entries being non MR2s. Supra, EVO, Skyline, RX7, Corolla, Peugeot, Holden, Ford, Ferrari, Lotus to name a few.
Entrants that participate each year come from all over Australia, including Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and even New Zealand and Japan!

After four years of building this unique two day event from the ground up, changes to Wakefield Park management saw the role of event organiser passed on to Peter Garrad who is skilled in event management, an avid supporter, avid competitor, and one of the team involved in establishment and ongoing evolution of the event since its inception.
Peter suffered a few challenges with the removal of the complete CAMS Hillclimb and Tarmac stage but managed to make it through two events in 2017 with strong support and many new faces. 2018 saw a change in policy at Wakefield Park which has now (2019) opened up the original CAMS Hillclimb and the favoured MTC Tarmac Stage ushering a return to the format which are the roots of MTC and the core of Wakefield Park Challenge 2019 (WPC2019).

2019 will also see a co-operative with the people at "Midnight Touge" where two condensed single day events will be held in April and August 2019 which will fly under the banner of WPC.

If you have any questions, or if would like to help in the preparation and running of the event, please let us know via email.

If you would like to keep track (pun intended) of the Wakefield Park Challenge events via Facebook, click on the Facebook logo below.